Sunday, January 06, 2008

Nursery in the Works

I know that I have been a terrible blogger lately, but I really feel like I have had nothing to blog. I really am not into posting pictures of myself lately (gosh I can't imagine why), but I will have to say I am becoming very obsessed with my nursery. I had been hounding Matt about painting it and he finally did. I had to work Christmas day and when I got home that night my drapes and bed skirt were up. I still don't have a mattress of bumper pad, but they are in the works, so I will for sure post when the nursery is complete. It is so dang cute. Thanks mom and mom-in-law. It looks awesome.
Lulu even has a matching bed so that she can sit in their with me and Charlie, and no I did not force her to lay on it, she just went and sat down.
This is an up close of my drape. It is a London shade, which I am obsessed with. Look at the detail.

Lulu are you excited about Charlie?? (Who's Charlie, I thought this was my room).
No mattress, but it will be here soon (like Tuesday).
This is a Toy basket that Teresa made. I saw a picture on the internet and just mentioned that I liked that. She is so great a picking up on stuff. I hope my future daughter-in-law doesn't expect this, because I sure don't know how to sew. I have already dumped all his stuffed animals in there. So cute.