Monday, March 26, 2007

The Robert L. Crawford Center

This past weekend we went to Delta State for the Dedication of the Robert L. Crawford Center (my late grandfather). Delta State is where my parents went to college. My dad played baseball and my mom was a cheerleader (such a cute couple). My parents and grandmother helped build this center and my dad chose to name it after his father who he was very close to. It was really neat, my family got to cut the ribbon and we were the first to tour the center. The center consisted o f a museum that was dedicated to Boo Ferris who was my dad's coach at DSU. He played for State in college and then the Boston Red Sox's . I t is a great museum and is going to be used for fans to come and look at during DSU games. The center also holds the concession stand, t-shirt stand and bathrooms. It was really nice. I took lots of pictures of the museum. If you ever get to Cleveland I would definitely recommend going to visit , especially if you are a baseball fan.

This was a the wall outside of the center with the names of players and their accomplishments at DSU. The list that I took a picture of is a list of professional signees. My dad's name is in the center John Crawford-1978-Detroit, pretty cool huh. Kendell said his name was on the wall 6 times for various things. WOW. My name is on the KD Composite at MSU, do you think that compares.

This pic is totally upside down. It is in the museum (not upside down), It is a picture of Fenway park and the DSU field.
This baseball is from 1942 check out the game and score. This is when Boo was at MSU.
Me and Matt
Kendell, mom, and Me. We miss you Caroline.
This is the World Series ring that they gave Coach Boo Ferris in 2004 when the Red Sox's won. I usually don't like rings like this, but it really was beautiful, and HUGE.
Me and Dad.
People touring the Museum.

The Museum.
This is my dad and Coach Boo Ferris when my dad was at DSU. What a HOTTIE.
This is my grandfather, he passed away in 1994. This hangs on the wall outside the center. He and my dad were very close.

This is hangs just below my grandfathers picture.
My mom and dad with Boo Ferris and his wife.
My grandmother, mom and dad.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Well we are New York Bound. So proud of the DAWGS for making it to the NIT Semi-Finals. The game was great. We had to sit in the upper level since we weren't here to get out tickets last week, but it really turned out not to be that bad. My family really loves Ben Hansbrough (well I do), at one point he made a really good play (stole the ball or something) and my dad stood up and yelled, "Ben your the man." Matt and I were cracking up. I guess you had to be there, but those of you who know my dad probably got a kick out of it. He just doesn't ever say things like that, it was really funny. Anyway that is a pic from the nosebleed and the jumbotron with the final score. GO DAWGS!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Costa Rica

My dad, Kendell and Caroline
Me and Mat. Check out that Sun Burn.
Matt, me and My mom.
In the airport on the way home. Looking kinda rough.
Kendell, Caroline, and Matt were playing basketball in the pool. I couldn't really see there faces when I took this picture and you can really tell. Kendell looks like she is in serious pain, I guess Caroline is smiling, and Caroline said that Matt looked like Lloyd Chirstmas (Dumb and Dumber). haha. I thought that was really funny.

Costa Rica Continued

laying out by the pool.
Dinner the first night at the resort with my family.
Caroline and Kendell (aren't they cute)

My family after dinner the last night in Costa Rica. We had a great time. We went white water rafting the first day we were there. I am still working on posting those pictures.

MPSA All-Star Game

My Aunt Carol, Kendell, Mom, and Me with my grandmother. She made the trip from Cleveland. She was funny she got mad at the girl sitting next to her because she was yelling for the other team. She kept telling the girl to quit yelling against Kendell's team. (She is 86)
Me and Kendell at the All-Star game. She played really good and said that she had a blast.
Matt and Kendell
My mom was a crazy picture taker. She was running around taking pictures of everyone. It was really funny.
Kendell with Mo Bell from MRA . They are both going to Delta State next year to play basketball. Maybe they will be roomies. Kendell's team (the North) lost by three points, it was the closest all-star game I have ever been too. When I played we lost by 20 and when Caroline played they won by 20, so her's was very interesting. It was fun and she was so happy. Go Kendell.

Friday, March 09, 2007

It's Great to be an MSU DAWG!!!!

I am so freaking PUMPED. I left school early today to come home and watch the game and I am so glad that I did. During the game I was yelling and screaming, and every time I would Lulu would run around the house barking. So we were both cheering on the dawgs. I was so frustrated at the end of regulation that I went outside to take the Lulu out with 5 seconds to go because I just knew that we had lost. Then I came back inside and there was 5 min on the clock. I was like WHAT???? I am so pumped. Almost every year my family goes to the Tourney (even if we aren't any good), and let me tell you it is the best feeling to beat Kentucky. They bring so many fans it is like a Kentucky Wildcat home game. I would have loved to have been there to see all of those sad Wildcat faces. Tomorrow it is on, Gary Ervin is going to wish he had stayed at State. Go DAWGS beat the HOGS!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Camera and School Friends

Today we went to Olive Gardent to celebrate out last day of clinicals ever!!! YIPPEE SKIPPY!!!! I took some pictures of my nursing school friends with my new camera. DOUBLE YIPPEE SKIPPY!!! We all looked like big GOOBERS because we had on those oh so flattering MUW uniforms.
The whole gang including Mrs. Sparks. We spent our last rotation in Tupelo at NMCC on the cardiac floor.
This is Kerri. My all time study buddy. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time with her than I do Matt.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Camera Update

I am planning on getting a new camera tomorrow. Matt and I are leaving for COSTA RICA on Sunday, and I refuse to leave without a camera (ok, so it would only probably wouldn't take to much twisting of the arm to get me on the plane).

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goodbye DAYS!

I usually don't give anything up for lent, but this year I decided that I was going to do it and not cheat. Usually I decided to give up something that is totally unrealistic for me, but this year I have picked something that I really think is do-able. Yes, I have given up Days of Our Lives (aka DAYS). Out of all of my years in college I never seemed to get addicted to this silly show, but since I have moved to Columbus, it has become a total obsession. If I miss it during the day I will usually watch it 10:00 p.m. on the Soap Net. As if that was not psycho enough, if I missed it during the week and at night I would just watch it on Sunday on the Soap Net to catch the day(s) that I missed. So far I am doing ok. Last week I almost had a weak moment while I was working out. It came on the TV just as I was getting of the treadmill, so to avoid the show I ran to the tanning bed. So instead of poisoning my mind with stupid unrealistic stories, I decided to subject myself to skin cancer (and it felt so good).