Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I caught him in the act. So dangerous Matt, you should not be texting or checking your email (or whatever) while you drive. Precious cargo was in the car (Me, Lulu and Tucker).

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My little swimmer doggy

Last weekend we went to my parents to eat and hang out with family and Lulu got to do one of her favorite things. Swim. This is a what I think is going on in her brain. Just chillin' looking at the water.
"Hey Lulu, you want to go swimming."
Lulu, " Did someone say swimming."
Caroline getting excited about throwing the stick for Lulu to fetch.
"Oooh, I see it, I am going to get it and make my mom and aunt proud."

"I got it and I am bringing it back to show off." "I am such a graceful westie swimmer."
"Are you going to throw it again?"
"My mom only wants to hold me and take pictures with me after she has given me a bath. I will have to say that I look very white and fluffy after my bath and hair drying experience. I love my momma."

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Am So Special

Not special as in she is so sweet and kind, I am so special as in DUMB! Matt went out of town earlier in the week to go fishing in Louisiana, so while he was gone I decided that I was going to go shopping. Well I really love to buy really cute casual dresses. So I went on the hunt and found the cutest dress. I was brown with teal and blue designs all over it and a plaid ruffle at the bottom. I know it sounds really random, but I promise that it was really cute. I even bought shoes to go with it. Well I got home and tried it on for the second time (yes I tried it on the store) with the shoes. Maybe it was the shoes that made it look so short. It should have been a sign that when I raised my arms and booty almost hung out that something was not right. Well I decided to keep and let Matt give me his opinion (he is always honest, his response is usually like "you are not wearing that out of this house.") Well he got home and I tried it on and he said what I thought he would. "Emily that is too short." translated into you are not wearing that out of the house. Then I occurred to me that I had not bought a dress at all. I had really bought a SHIRT!!!!. I ran and got the receipt and there it was plain as day "1 KNIT TOP." So you all be glad to know that I took it back along with the shoes.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day.

I just wanted to mention how wonderful my mom is . I would not have picked another even if I was given the choice . She is one of my best friends and would do anything for me , Matt and my sisters. She has been there for all of us through the years , from t-ball, softball, cheerleaders, baseball, track, a few pagents, and most importantly BASKETBALL. My aunt always teases her and says that she is the one who is really playing basketball. She loves it!!!! Not only was she always there for us, she was also the most fun mom ever. All of my friends thought she was the coolest and said they wished there mom's were like mine. :) I hated frogs when I was younger and still do (I hate most animals from the reptile family, today there was a lizard in my house and I almost had a nervous breakdown just looking at it. MK was trying to coach me over the phone on how to get it out of my house, but I just could not do it).....Anyway. I hated frogs and my mom knew it, but one summer night she caught one in our yard and chased me until she me and rubbed all over my leggs. I was screaming and thought that was going to have tons of warts. Well no warts and I am still terrified of frogs. She thought it was hilarious and got a real kick out of it. I will not be doing that to my children mainly because I could never pick the thing up to chase them, maybe there grandmother can do it to them. Anyway she is the greatest!!!!
She even loves her son-in-law.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pinning Ceremony

These are pictures from my pinning ceremony. It was the night before graduation. It was great. Most of my family was there. My dad and Kendell did not get to come because it was Kendell's senior athletic banquet that night too, and Caroline lives in a distant land. Anyway it was great. So glad that it is over and that my family was there.
Me and my awesome MOM.
My Aunt Carol, Me, Mom, and Granny.
Ben, Gran, Me, Matt, and Teresa. Awesome in-laws.
Me and Carrie Mann, we are both going to be working at Baptist
Leslie Lann and me. She is going to OCH.
Ben and Leslie. Everyone knows how much Ben loves the ladies. It was instant LOVE.
Me and my grandmother.
Me and Matt, what an unflattering picture of me in that outfit. I have been wearing that thing for two years. Thank goodness I can finally retire that ugly thing.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nursing School Graduation

Well I had a really busy weekend las t week. I graduated from Nursing School. It was really bitter sweet. I am so glad that I am finally done with school, but at the same time I am losing my support system and I am going to miss all of the really neat people I have been hanging out with for the the past 2 years. thanks for all the prayers. They paid off. (I tried to post more pictures, but blogger wouldn't let me, so there are more to come. ) Me and Kerri, my study buddy. She is going to be moving to Tupelo and working at NMMC.
Me, Kate, and Kerri. Kate is moving to Ocean Springs.
Aren't we cute. I am graduating the same year as my youngest sister. HA!
My mom's sister, Aunt Carol, me and Mom. She was so sweet to make the trip and she brought my grandmother (that is a serious task in itself), but she did not make it to graduation.