Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Worst Experience So Far!

When I tell you that I really had the worst experience as a mother today I am telling you the truth. No I did not watch someone stick a needle in my childs leg or even watch my child fall on his face on the concrete (which would be awful), I took him for his second haircut which was terrible. I took him to the lady that Matt uses because she was cheap and Matt's hair looks ok when she cuts his. I am not going to say her name but If she ever reads this (which she won't because she did not come across as the blogger/email/internet type) I hope she thinks long and hard before she cuts another 13 month olds hair. Well Charlie was not loving the idea to begin with anyway and before I knew it she had my child in a head lock. He was screaming his head off. I was so caught off guard. I was thinking " did she just put my baby in a head lock." By this time she had already butchered his hair, so I had no choice but to go through with the rest of the haircut. As if it did not look bad enough then she proceeds to take the electic razor to the side burns of his hair. I was like "Um I don't think that we have to do that," but too late she had already scalped the left side. Really what 13 month old really needs the electric razor. He was screaming so bad you would have thought that she was cutting his arm off. When she got done I looked at the other people in the shop and said "Well that was TRAUMATIC." He was sweating and there was tons of hair all over me and him. Poor Baby. Not to mention that it is seriously uneven. It was cheap and it is so true that you get what you pay for. I will post pictures later of the traumatic event that left my baby with a lop-sided hair do. Needless to say, we won't be going back.

Momma's Little Helper

Yesterday I was cleaning the house because I had cookbook club last night with all my girlfriends. Charlie was obsessed with the vaccum. He was insistent on grabbing it from me, so I just let him go. It was so cute and I hope it is a prediction that he is going to be a "cleaner-upper" when he gets older. When my sisters and I used to gripe about cleaning the house when we were younger my mom would say "Why do you think that I had you." I know she was playing, but now I know what she means. It sure is nice to have a helper. (Matt, I still think I need a housekeeper.) Is he not a DOLL!
You have to put it on the floor for it to work Charlie.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Personality Issues

Sweet Charlie 1 year ago
Charlie today. His hair was wild and he was not happy when he woke up.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Charlie

Charlie's first birthday was January 28th. I can't beleive that he is 1 year old, this year has flown by. It is amazing how he can go from a tiny infant who has to have everything done for them to very independent toddler. We had a great time and thank God every day for our greatest gift ever. I went a little crazy posting pics of the family party.

Matt did not really love that hat. He said one day he was going to kill me for making him wear that. Maybe we can put it on his head on his 18th too. Gotta love the family photo where everyone is looking in a different direction.
He was like "what is that shiny thing"

Everytime you break out the camera, this is what Charlie does. You say smile and you get a wide open mouth.

UMMM is it Christmas again????

love that smile.

Look out ladies here I come in my new car.