Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crawford- Couglin Costa Rica Wedding

Caroline and Seth got married in Costa Rica on July 4. It was really fun and she looked beautiful. The weather was great. It is the rainy season there right now and it did not rain hardly any and there was a major breeze that day. It was really nice. Everyone was there except for Charlie. He is too little and was uninvited and after taking him with us to Aruba I am kinda glad. He wears me out. He is the do-run-run. Never stops. on the beach after the ceremony

Very pretty. That is the same necklace I wore when I got married.

Matt and me (AKA BIG MOMMA)

Rehersal dinner family pic. Minus charlie

The Newlyweds

Mom and her new Son-in-Law

Me, Caroline, and Kendell prior to the rehersal

Getting pampered

Kendell, Matt (aka lloyd christmas, without the chipped tooth) and Caroline

Dinner on Thursday night.


Dwell in possibility said...

You look beautiful, Emily! Was it your first trip to Costa Rica?


The Segrest Family said...

wwooooo hooo!!!!
love the pics... y'all all look great!
congrats to seth and caro

The Benjamins said...

Love the pics from Caroline's wedding! She looks gorgeous! Congrats to them!

Tricia said...

Caroline is gorgeous! Glad ya'll had fun!

Kristy Phillips said...

Emily, you and Matt look GREAT! We miss y'all!

zerry ht said...

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